Rondell MacGarvey

CYCLE  Instructor -Rondell Macgarvey

From an early age, Rondell has always been a constant athlete.  He grew up playing tennis every summer, hiking, and cycling.  Rondell received his cycling certification through Schwiin and starting teaching cycle 2 years ago! He has been passionate about it ever since!

What made you want to be a cycle instructor?
“I think taking my first cycling class….it was so intense.  I left early and gave up rather early on in the class.  When I got home, I thought to myself, why did I give up?  So I kept going and trying more often.  I kept taking it and noticed that my strength and endurance changed.  I love how it inspires people and how it makes me feel.  It makes people realize that they can go beyond what they even thought they were capable of.”

Let’s get personal, how many people are in your family? “I have four siblings, a mom and a dad…duhhhh.” Most embarrassing fitness moment? “My second class teaching…I didn’t have shoes.  In my head, I thought that every shoe was a cycling shoe so I figured every shoe fits in the cage.  Soooo, we start sprinting out of the saddle, a low and behold…I ate sh*t. What did you expect? Oh yes, a humbling moment in my career.” What’s in your gym bag? “A towel, a water, a Celsius, my wallet, my head set, shoes (never forgetting those again), annnnnnd a Quest bar, that’s where it’s at. Mmmmm, so good.”

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