Ashley Thierry

SPN MASCOT -Maggie Anderson

Maggie has been at the studio since the beginning, she grew up taking various classes and has mastered downward dog and melting the hearts of thousands!

Let’s get personal, how many people are in your family? “One. I have a mom...But everyone already knows that.” Most embarrassing moment? “Not hard at all...August 2015, my mom had left a chocolate bar out on the counter...I couldn't resist. She walked to the back room, I jumped on the counter and ate it...Most delicious 30 seconds of my life followed by the worst two days of my life.  Stomach pumped, hospitalized, getting sick...never again dude. Never again.” What’s in your gym bag? “Stella & Chewy's Duck Duck Goose Patties, and a bowl of lean turkey, broccoli, and carrots." Favorite book? "The Art of Racing in the Rain"


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